About Us.


Who are we and what do we do.

53rd Fighter squadron operations is apart of the Northern Forties Re enacment group, 53rd FSO has been set up in the Shropshire area because some USAAF re enactor groups are too far for some people get to them, So on the 14th of August 2010 53rd re-enactors Fighter Squadron was founded for ww2 re-enactors in the Shropshire and surrounding areas that portray USAAF in Europe.
Our re-enactment group portrays the 53rd Fighter squadron from 1943 to 1945 when they were here over in England with the 9th AF and in Europe.

53rd FS can attend any type of event such as a 1940’s event, Aviation days or Air Shows with our operations tent, mock-up of a front line airfield crew waiting area complete with scramble telephone and bell, aviation fuel storage barrels, aircraft ammunition boxes, chairs for the pilots, ground crew. 

We are always looking for new people join us and become part of 53rd Fighter Squadron.

So if you wish to join the squadron or you would like to hire us for your event please visit our Recruitment page and Hire us page.

It doesnt matter where you are from we have members from Yorkshire, lincon and shropshire so you are more than welcome to join us.

Squadron Officers and Enlisted men. 

Squadron Commander.

Lt Colonel. P.A Gardner

Squadron Leader. 

Major. A.J Everton.

Major.A.J.Everton and Captain C.Hancocks at Half Penny Green at war 2012 

Major. A..J. Everton featured on the Front cover of Yank magazine, with many thanks to Ade Pitman from Warco for this. 

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